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This finish is highly recommended where a natural finished carving, sculpture, or sign is going to be exposed to outside elements, especially direct sun or salt spray.  My marine finish is the application of laying 7 coats of spar varnish on the product.  A spar varnish is an exterior grade varnish containing UV prohibitors. This application of 7 layers, assures a maximum life possible from the elements. 

The reason I use spar varnish as oppose to using spar urethanes is that, urethane is more apt to turn yellow and gets foggy with time.  Also, once the sun begins to break down a urethane finish, the urethane starts cracking and chipping.  The only way to salvage the piece finished with a urethane finish is to completely remove all the finish with a paint stripper. 

Whereas varnish can be repaired if the damage is caught soon enough and not allowed to persist, which would cause extensive damage to the wood.  Varnish will also maintain its clearness where as mentioned, urethanes tend to cloud up and get hazy making for an unattractive appearance.

The Marine finish is an additional option and needs to be asked for when you are placing your order.

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My Marine Sign Finish

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