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Incised carved letters are very impressive in their own right. Now add to this work of art, the richness of near pure gold and you now have an extremely exquisite sign.

Gold leaf is not paint or gold particles suspended in a medium which tend to discolor in time. True gold leaf which I use, is actually thin sheets of gold which are place on a sizing (a type of glue) which has been applied into the letters. I use 23 caret gold because of its rich golden sheen. Gold can also be complimented with the silver-gold look of white-gold leaf and silver leaf (interior use only), or with the silver look of aluminum leaf (does not tarnish like silver does).

I gilded some signs up in the northwest back in 1977 which the gold is still in fine condition. Of course, the painted areas have had to be painted every several years or so. The important thing to remember, is to never apply any clear product (varnish, polyurethane, etc.) to the gold leaf if you intend for it to stand up to the weather. The only time such products may be advised are when the sign is not exposed to excessive elements and there is a chance the letters will be touched.

Adding a finish to gold leaf both shortens its life and cuts down on its rich sheen. Applying an overcoat to gold leaf is only recommended where the piece is subject to handling and than only if it is not in direct sun light or inside.

If you have any additional questions about the elegance of gold leaf, please contact me by E-MAIL or letter.

Gold leaf Star of David carved detail American Sign Carvers sign's gold leaf and carving detail

Gold Leaf

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