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I started this business in 1976 in New Jersey as Wolff Art Designs. The following year I relocated to Bellingham, Washington and opened my woodcarving shop as Custom Woodcarvings where I did custom woodworking and teaching as well. In 1982 I was offered an opportunity to move my business to Marina del Rey, California and set up shop at the Wooden Boat Center. During the next four years I split my time in California and at the Center For Wooden Boats at Lake Union in Seattle, Washington.

In 1986 my mentor, Michael DeNike at the American Woodcarving School asked me if I would come back to New Jersey and teach at the school and open a sign carving shop. The school had a shop and an area where I was able to open up my custom carving business when I was not teaching. It was at this point that I renamed my carving business to American Sign Carvers.

When Michael put the school up for sale in 1990 I started planning my move to Taos, New Mexico. In 1992 I relocated my business to Taos as Artes del Lobo to incorporate all my creative skills.

In 1996 when I started selling carved signs over the Internet, I went back to using American Sign Carvers.

American Sign Carvers is the work of Terry R. Wolff with the help of other artist and craftspeople from time to time as work permits.

About American Sign Carvers

Although signs account for most of my business, I also provide  custom woodcarvings and work with a number of fine Taos woodworkers. As a result, I am able to offer doors, furniture, gates and just about anything that is made of wood.

Together we offer almost any style of custom furniture. I say that because the artisan that did my rustic log furniture has moved on.

So should you be looking for something to be made or carved out of wood, please got to for more information.

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Carved sign for Shinanigans by Terry Wolff
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